Letter to the Editor| Volume 164, P159, July 2021

Reply letter to: Letter to the Editor in response to “Naloxone Cardiac Arrest Decision Instruments (NACARDI) for targeted antidotal therapy in occult opioid overdose precipitated cardiac arrest”

      To the Editors,
      We thank the authors of this well-written letter and for their interest in our research. We actually agree with the general sentiment of your letter and in fact, noted most of your points throughout the manuscript. We are not at all saying that naloxone is currently of proven benefit in cardiac arrest. In the introduction, we state, “The long-term goal of this work is to determine whether naloxone improves survival in selected patients whose cardiac arrest and pre-cardiac arrest states are precipitated by occult opioid OD.” Our decision instrument development is a first step toward this goal. By defining a more specific, target population for naloxone administration, this study lays the groundwork for an enriched-sample trial to test this hypothesis. Our final statement in the manuscript is, “This work sets the stage for a trial of decision instrument guided selective administration of naloxone in OHCA.”
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