Reply to: Guidelines for post-resuscitation care should include management of acute kidney injury and use of renal replacement therapy

      We are grateful for the recognition of our paper and we fully agree with the statements raised by Sigrid Breitland and Kjetil Sunde.
      As our study is based on registries, we were not able to identify important factors such as hypervolaemia, acidocis, hyperkalaemia or active withholding and withdrawal of renal replacement therapy as mentioned by Sigrid Breitland and Kjetil Sunde. Recommendations for treatment modalities of acute kidney injury following cardiac arrest is highly warranted.

      Conflicts of interest

      The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest related to the topic. The corresponding author has no conflicts of interests to disclosure. Dr. Kragholm has received research grants from The Danish Heart Foundation, The Laerdal Foundation and the Fund of Hertha B. Christensen, Denmark, and has received speaker’s honorarium from Novartis. Dr. Rasmussen has received research grants from Innovation Fund Denmark and is primary investigator in a study intiated by Ferring.